This document showcases all the npm package information maintained by Rsbuild team.


Rsbuild core package that provides CLI commands and build capabilities based on Rspack.


The React plugin provides support for React, integrating features such as JSX compilation and React Refresh.


Vue 3 plugin that provides support for Vue 3 Single-File Components (SFC).


Vue 3 JSX plugin that provides support for Vue 3 JSX / TSX syntax.


Vue 2 plugin that provides support for Vue 2 Single-File Components (SFC).


Vue 2 JSX plugin that provides support for Vue 2 JSX / TSX syntax.


Type check plugin that runs TypeScript type checker on a separate process.


This plugin is designed for the monorepo scenario. It supports referencing source code from other subdirectories and performs build and hot update.


Sass plugin that uses Sass as the CSS preprocessor.


Less plugin that uses Less as the CSS preprocessor.


Stylus plugin that uses Stylus as the CSS preprocessor.


Check Syntax plugin used to analyze the syntax compatibility of artifacts, to see if there are any advanced syntaxes that may cause compatibility issues.


Implements the rem adaptive layout for mobile pages.


Used to automatically resend requests when static assets fail to load.


Rsbuild documentation site.


Used to create a new Rsbuild project.