Upgrade Rsbuild

This section explains how to upgrade the project's Rsbuild dependencies to the latest version.

Please see Releases to understand the Rsbuild release strategy.

Using Taze

We recommend using Taze to upgrade the Rsbuild version. Taze is a CLI tool for updating npm dependencies.


Run the following command to upgrade all dependencies that include rsbuild in their names:

npx taze --include /rsbuild/ -w

The result will look similar to:

rsbuild - 3 patch

  @rsbuild/core               dev  ~2mo  ^0.6.0  →  ^0.6.15
  @rsbuild/plugin-react       dev  ~2mo  ^0.6.0  →  ^0.6.15
  @rsbuild/plugin-type-check  dev  ~2mo  ^0.6.0  →  ^0.6.15

ℹ changes written to package.json, run npm i to install updates.

You can also adjust the include pattern to match specific packages, for example, to upgrade only packages under the @rsbuild scope:

npx taze --include /@rsbuild/ -w


Here are some examples of using taze options.

  • In a monorepo, you can add the -r option to upgrade recursively:
npx taze --include /rsbuild/ -w -r
  • Add -l to upgrade locked versions:
npx taze --include /rsbuild/ -w -l
  • To upgrade to a major version:
npx taze major --include /rsbuild/ -w

For more options, please refer to the taze documentation.