Vue 3

In this document, you will learn how to build a Vue 3 application using Rsbuild.

Create Vue 3 Project

You can use create-rsbuild to create a project with Rsbuild + Vue 3. Just execute the following command:

npm create rsbuild@latest

Then select Vue 3 when prompted to "Select framework".

Use Vue in an existing project

To compile Vue SFC (Single File Components), you need to register the Rsbuild Vue plugin. The plugin will automatically add the necessary configuration for Vue builds.

For example, register in rsbuild.config.ts:

import { defineConfig } from '@rsbuild/core';
import { pluginVue } from '@rsbuild/plugin-vue';

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [pluginVue()],

For projects using Vue CLI, you can refer to the Vue CLI Migration Guide.

Use the JSX syntax of Vue

If you need to use the JSX syntax of Vue, you also need to register the Vue 3 JSX plugin.

TypeScript Support

Rsbuild supports compiling TypeScript by default.

Please refer to the TypeScript - IDE Support section of the Vue documentation to learn how to set up Vue TypeScript support in your IDE.