• Type: Object | undefined

Used to enable the webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin to analyze the size of the output.

By default, Rsbuild does not enable webpack-bundle-analyzer. When this feature is enabled, the default configuration is as follows:

const defaultConfig = {
  analyzerMode: 'static',
  openAnalyzer: false,
  // Distinguish by environment names, such as `web`, `node`, etc.
  reportFilename: `report-${environment}.html`,

Enable Bundle Analyze

You have two ways to enable webpack-bundle-analyzer to analyze the size of the output files:

  • Add the environment variable BUNDLE_ANALYZE=true, for example:
BUNDLE_ANALYZE=true pnpm build
  • Configure performance.bundleAnalyze to enable it permanently:
export default {
  performance: {
    bundleAnalyze: {},

After enabling it, Rsbuild will generate an HTML file that analyzes the size of the output files, and print the following log in the Terminal:

Webpack Bundle Analyzer saved report to /Project/my-project/dist/report-web.html

You can manually open the file in the browser and view the detail of the bundle size. When an area is larger, it indicates that its corresponding bundle size is larger.

Override Default Configuration

You can override the default configuration through performance.bundleAnalyze, such as enabling the server mode:

export default {
  performance: {
    bundleAnalyze: process.env.BUNDLE_ANALYZE
      ? {
          analyzerMode: 'server',
          openAnalyzer: true,
      : {},

Size Types

In the webpack-bundle-analyzer panel, you can control size types in the upper left corner (default is Parsed):

  • Stat: The size obtained from the stats object of the bundler, which reflects the size of the code before minification.
  • Parsed: The size of the file on the disk, which reflects the size of the code after minification.
  • Gzipped: The file size requested in the browser reflects the size of the code after minification and gzip.

Generate stats.json

By setting generateStatsFile to true, stats JSON file will be generated in bundle output directory.

export default {
  performance: {
    bundleAnalyze: {
      generateStatsFile: true,


  1. Enabling the server mode will cause the build process to not exit normally.
  2. Enabling bundleAnalyzer will reduce build speed. Therefore, this configuration should not be enabled during daily development, and it is recommended to enable it on demand through the BUNDLE_ANALYZE environment variable.
  3. Since no code minification and other optimizations are performed in the dev phase, the real output size cannot be reflected, so it is recommended to analyze the output size in the build phase.
  4. If the bundleAnalyzer is enabled during the dev phase, in order to ensure that webpack-bundle-analyzer can access the contents of static assets, Rsbuild will automatically enable the dev.writeToDisk option.